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Fine Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry

Formal & Living Area Cabinetry

Building quality, European style kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is our specialty. We're Boise's cabinet design experts, together we'll design your dream kitchen and bathroom cabinets including the layout, finishes, hardware and functional accessories.

Need garage, storage, or utility area cabinets? We build those too. Estimates are free, call today for an appointment on your project!

We design cabinets for every area of your home - living, formal, social, recreation and play. We build fireplace surround cabinets and mantels, bar cabinets and tops, window seats and benches, bookcases and library cabinets, and much more...

Wherever you need them, we design, build and install cabinets suited to your space, call us today!

Commercial and Office Cabinetry

Cabinetry For New and Remodel Projects

We design and build quality cabinets for commercial offices, businesses, and healthcare facilities. Whether they're reception area cabinets, work stations, product displays, or exam room cabinets, we construct our cabinetry with durable materials that will look and function great after years of daily use.

Call us today about your commercial cabinetry needs, estimates are free!

Whether you're a homeowner, a building contractor, or a local business, we'll give you the same great service at very competitive prices. If you're building a new home or office building, or planning to remodel, we'll design, build and install cabinets that you will enjoy using everyday.

Call us today, we're happy to consult with you about your project!

Building Boise's Best Custom Cabinets With Affordable Quality

Fireplace Cabinets and Mantel
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Custom Bathroom Cabinets
Modern Kitchen Island Cabinets

We Design, Build and Install Your Custom Cabinets

We're your one stop shop - from design to installation, we take care of your entire cabinet project!
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